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Dr. Rodney Baier

Dentist in Sandy Springs, GA
Dr. Baier’s graduation from dental school was the first step in his continuing education journey. He keeps himself at the forefront of dental knowledge through advanced training at various postgraduate facilities such as The Pankey Institute, a nonprofit educational center for dentists in Key Biscayne, FL, and at Spear Education, a continuing-education Institute in Scottsdale, AZ that serves the striving dentist; those who are dedicated to the pursuit of clinical excellence that transforms their practices and the lives of their patients. These programs have inspired Dr. Baier to continually improve his dental practice, and each is special to him.

The Pankey Institute combines advanced dental training and practice-management techniques with peer-to-peer learning to keep Dr. Baier up-to-date with every aspect of the best practices for patient care. The Institute’s curriculum is about experiencing life-changing discussions, new challenges, and innovative approaches in a supportive environment that impacts all aspects of practice and life. Dr. Baier believes that talking with peers and mentors at the Institute helps him develop a personal philosophy of practice that leads to a healthy, balanced life for him and better care for his patients.

Dr. Baier holds a prestigious position as a visiting faculty member at Spear Education in Scottsdale, AZ, being one of only 200 dentists globally who have received this invitation. Here, he collaborates with thousands of students and fellow professionals who devote substantial time and effort to achieving excellence via ongoing education. Dr. Baier not only participates in courses but also invests his time and resources to mentor others and lead courses. Each year, he and his colleagues enrich Spear Education's resource pool by submitting detailed case reports, sharing their experiences and learnings with all participants in the program.

Technology and Training

Dr. Baier invests in current technology and training to ensure he and his staff provide you with the best possible dental and overall wellness care. The sole criterion for technology in the office is that it has a proven record of success in providing and enhancing the high levels of patient care that Dr. Baier strives to deliver. Dr. Baier and his technology suppliers provide extensive training for the office staff to ensure patients fully benefit from the office’s resources.

Going beyond technology, Dr. Baier regularly participates in online and on-site training programs, where he and colleagues exchange best practices information. He holds frequent training sessions in the office to keep his staff up to date with the latest techniques, technology and health-and-safety practice standards set by the industry.

A Different Approach

“Having my wisdom teeth removed in my 20s sparked my commitment to helping people live better lives through better dental health. I have an undergraduate degree in marketing and was working in sales when I visited a friend – a dentist – in Miami to have my wisdom teeth removed. I spent the entire day at his office and was amazed by the level of care he provided his patients in a friendly office environment. I immediately decided I wanted to help others and become a dentist and began taking the required science courses for entry into dental school. Six years after obtaining my undergraduate degree I returned to West Virginia University, my alma mater, to attend their dental school and became a proud graduate of the WVU School of Dentistry.”

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