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Crowns – sometimes known as “caps” – have long been used to cover an entire tooth to prevent it from breaking. They are necessary when a substantial portion of the tooth is gone or when a significant portion of the biting edge has been broken or worn away. They are also used to treat large areas of tooth decay or to replace unsightly old fillings.

Like fillings, crowns had to have metal in them to provide strength. Today, they can be made from porcelain to match the color of your teeth and provide a longer-lasting solution.


Bridges are used when a tooth is missing. The technique typically involves putting a crown on each tooth on either side of the missing tooth and suspending a false tooth between the crowns. Modern techniques and materials enable us to fashion a tooth replacement that looks and feels like the real thing – even giving the illusion it’s growing out of your gum. Modern crowns and bridges make your smile complete and natural – and that’s certainly something to smile about.


Is that tooth real? With today’s modern implant technology and his dental capabilities, only you and Dr. Baier will know for sure.

Implants enable dentists to restore a tooth or many teeth to optimum function and appearance without invading or damaging adjacent teeth or your gums. In addition to performing and looking more like natural teeth, they can help preserve your jawbone by reducing the jaw shrinkage that is routinely seen in areas where teeth are missing.

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are now the “gold standard” for repairing damage from tooth decay. They are more attractive than the old, mercury-based gold and silver fillings and are much better in many ways.

Most important to your overall wellness, we can color-match the composites to your teeth. Your new fillings will be essentially invisible, and that will greatly improve your smile before you get out of the dental chair. Composite fillings will also enhance your long-term dental health by providing a longer-lasting, stronger surface that will protect your tooth and maintain your bite.

Replacing your old metal fillings with new composite fillings can easily become part of a program for your overall dental wellness. Contact your Sandy Springs Cosmetic Dentist for an appointment.

Thank you so much for such beautiful work! I am grateful to you for taking the extra time for getting it “just right” and am thrilled to have my smile fixed! What a difference a few hours and your artistic touch can make. I am so grateful!

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