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Rodney Baier, DDS
September 18, 2023

When was the last time you went to the dentist for a checkup?

  • Less than 6 Months?  Good job!
  • 1 Year? Not too bad!
  • More than a year? You need to schedule an appointment!
  • More than 5 years?  Let’s address this and schedule a visit today! 

Dentophobia, or the fear of going to the dentist, is more common than you might think.  Despite the linkage between overall health and the health of your mouth, millions of Americans forego visiting the dentist each year.  According to a recent Gallup poll nearly a third of Americans did not go to an appointment with their dentist in the past year.  The reasons for skipping dental checkups vary, and the probability of going to the dentist is different according to age, gender, and where you live.  Regardless, 6 in 10 people put off visiting the dentist due to fear.

The age group least likely to visit the dentist is 18-29 and increases with age until 65+.  Women are 5.2% more likely to visit the dentist than men.  Geographically, adults who live in the South are less likely to visit the dentist than any other region in the United States.  One of the most common reasons for people to fear the dentist is due to a negative personal experience they may have had in the past while visiting the dentist.  Many people fear the potential for pain, numbness, and gagging.  Other folks fear the stereotypical sounds and smells associated with dental offices.

One of the best ways to overcome your fear of going to the dentist is by doing your research.  Luckily, with so many resources available on the internet, it is easy to find local dentists and read reviews from their current patients.  It is important to find a dentist that creates a welcoming environment, understands your anxiety or fear, and can help alleviate any stressors or concerns associated with visits and/or procedures.

If you have any questions or when you are ready to set up your consultation our Dental Office in Sandy Springs, GA. We look forward to hearing from you!

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