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You have the symptoms, but do you have TMD?

Rodney Baier, DDS
September 18, 2023

What is TMD?

First, let’s discuss what TMJ is and how it affects your daily quality of life through eating, talking, and chewing.  The temporomandibular joint is in front of each ear and connects your lower jawbone to your skull.  If you have or are experiencing complications with your TMJ, you may feel symptoms related to the muscle, jaw, or joint.  Temporomandibular Disorder, TMD, affects more than twice as many women (particularly those of childbearing age) as men and is the most common non-dental related chronic facial pain.


The first thing commonly noticed is pain and discomfort.  You may experience this on one or both sides of your face, jaw, joint area, neck, and shoulders, or around the ear.  Often TMD discomfort is stimulated by chewing, speaking, and/or yawning.

Limitations with Opening Your Mouth

If you are experiencing a clicking, popping, or grating sound when you open your mouth, this is a common symptom of TMD.  In more severe cases of TMD, you may even have difficulty opening your mouth widely.  Doing so may result in your jaw getting stuck or locked in an open or closed position.

TMD Occurrence

TMD is found to affect more than twice as many women as men and it is one of the most common causes of chronic facial pain.  Factors that contribute to TMD are thought to be stress and strenuous physical tasks which may cause you to overuse your jaw muscles through the clenching or grinding (Bruxism) of your teeth.

Trouble Chewing

Since your TMJ is the joint responsible for opening and closing your jaw, TMD can often cause misalignment or discomfort in your bite.  If you are experiencing symptoms such as swelling, tiredness, toothaches, headaches, or dizziness, it’s important that you contact Dr. Baier or your trusted provider immediately.

At Rodney Baier, DDS. We believe that early detection and treatment can help prevent long-term discomfort and more serious dental health problems.  Dr. Baier’s extensive training and teaching is based on the non-surgical treatment of TMD.  He focuses on the importance of bringing the jaw and bite back into alignment so that you can experience long-term relief.

Your dental health isn’t just about having a great-looking smile, it’s about feeling great and having a healthy and happy quality of life.

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