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The True Value of Dentistry

Rodney Baier, DDS
September 18, 2023

Dentistry is not just about keeping your teeth free of cavities and gums free of bacteria.

True dentistry focuses on helping people to enjoy their lives while spending their valuable time as they choose. Being a doctor is about empowering and freeing people to find their happiness, pursue their career or lifestyle choices, while enjoying time with those they love pain free and without worry in regards to their health. Dr. Baier refers to his approach to dentistry as a Holistic Approach.

Is Dr. Baier’s approach typical?

No, unfortunately it is not. Dr. Baier and his team have established their dental practice around a proactive preventive approach. They are not only available for emergency appointments when you are experiencing pain, but they are there to see and take care of you on a routine basis so visits are limited and likely prevent painful emergency situations.

Dr. Baier and his team believe that your doctor should be engaged in the quality of your health care, and be available to help you combat the issues that come with aging so you can live a happy and fulfilling life. In addition to his skillful knowledge and experience, Dr. Baier accomplishes this by carefully predicting upcoming issues and managing each individual patient so that they need the minimum amount of dentistry in their lifetime while maintaining exceptional dental health.

This means less crowns, less fillings, less implants…and ultimately less money spent repairing your dental health since he and his team will be preventing problems before they arise. Dr. Baier focuses on identifying and truly resolving the cause of your dental health problems so that you can enjoy exceptional dental health, as opposed to constantly repairing surface problems related to an underlying issue that can lead to detrimental problems down the road.

How does this Holistic Approach work?

This approach is based on a scientific detailed analysis of the patient’s lifestyle, and genetic and epigenetic risk factors, and consists of a Total Body Approach protocol. It takes a precise collaboration of different medical specialties where Dentistry plays a key role. Why Dentistry? Because, nowadays it has evolved into Oral Medicine, able to detect through saliva and tissue composition the slightest variations of body health and lifestyle changes. Is your doctor taking more time to understand why rather than just how? Dr. Baier treats you holistically and comprehensively; “looking” at the whole body takes time and a lot of intellectual energy.

What can you do?

Ask your doctor a lot of questions, and do your research when searching for the best dentist for your overall health, not just surface issues. Choose a dentist focused on what causes your individual health problems and who keeps up-to-date with their education and enjoys patients asking questions to better understand how to be proactive with their health care. When your dentist goes above and beyond to teach you about the importance of proper oral health care and prevention, rather than just charging you to resolve your current problem, you’ll know you have found a doctor who practices true medicine and has completed their Journey to Patient-Centered Cosmetic Dentist in Sandy Springs, GA.

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